Problems with first disc

Please bear with me as I new to all this DVD authoring lark.
My problems are I have successfully burnt a movie to disc,however whilst it plays ok in WMP & PowerDVD it just displays track no on DVD player display & won’t respond.Also whilst it plays ok in powerdvd it displays subtitles but plays ok (without subs) in WMP
I burnt using DVDecryptor,DVD2one& Nero
Any ideas gratefully received

Please give some more details how do you burn the dvd with nero and does your standalone dvd player play’s dvd+r or dvd-r
(wich brand standalone philips sony???)

Burnt using Nero onto DVD+RW,DVD player is sony.DVD burner Ricoh 5125A
Sorry if info lacking but as I said I am completely new to all this

Sony player plays +RW media ok

Hello did you burn the dvd in nero DVD-ROM (udf/iso) no multisession and did you put the dvd2one files in a folder called VIDEO_TS??

Put files in VTS folder ,used DVD Video in Nero ,will try DVD ROM UDF/ISO & let you know how I get on

I always make a dvd folder on my hd called DVD and with 2 subfolders called AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS in caps.
And i let dvd2one send the files to the VIDEO_TS folder.
Never had problems so far…
Going to sleep now it’s after midnight…:wink:

ok tried UDF/ISO in Nero,now disc not recognized by anything

I use Nero and use the data disc format. I select data/datadisc then I “add” my VIDEO_TS folder with files created with DVD2one over (I also make an ADUIO_TS folder, too. I leave it empty and copy that over along with the video folder. Many don’t think this is needed, but I figured it can’t hurt. I’ve had no trouble). I finalize the disk, also.

Thanks dpic
Burned as data disc with AUDIO_TS folder ,now playing ok on players
Thanks once again for all your help

You’re welcome. Glad to help.