Problems with firmware upgrade (EL02-05) for LG BH08LS20



I am trying to use MCSE for to upgrade firmware for my LG BH08LS20 (from 1.00 to Buffalo_EL02-05_BH08NS20_090330) as I want riplock removed and RPC2 auto reset. I followed the discussion at

but I still get a message “Diplaying the media code list is not available yet for LG BH08 firmwares. Riplock and RPC2 autoreset patches are available.” even if i check off both boxes (increase and RPC2 autoreset). So how do I enforce patching of this firmware file?
BTW, what is the difference between original 1.00 firmware and Buffalo EL02-05? Do I gain RE write speeds?


“Riplock and RPC2 autoreset patches are available” means they are available. Just click the checkboxes, save and flash the patched file.
EL02-05, EL02-06 and 2.00 basicly have the same write speeds, just some rare MIDs were added. They might use improved write strategies.