Problems With FIFA 2003 Clone CD

Hey there,

Burned the FIFA clone CD version, after install I get a TestGame.exe error. (Windows has detected bla bla bla bla testgame.exe not compatible)

FIFA 2003 uses SafeDisc version 2 (2.80 or something I guess)

I used a Lite-On LTR-32123S (According to the homepage I am able to write everything)

Anyone knows how to fix this?



Get Discdump and Fireburner, Liteons can’t do Safedisc 2.8xxx with Clone CD.

i just copied need for speed hot pursuit2 with my liteon and clone cd and the game runs flawless…so i dont know maybe its luck?i havent tried this game because i havent bought it yet so when i get the game i will try it…my 2 cents worth.

Liteons " CAN " do SafeDisc 2.8xxx with Clone CD.

I just sucessfully managed to backup ( Total Club Manager 2003 ) SafeDisc v2.80.10.

I have a ( Liteon 24x10x40 ) and I used ( Clone CD v4.0.1.10 ) ( Game setting ) :smiley: :smiley:

It CAN be done!!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

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It does not make much sense that people are having problems with Safedisc 2.8. I hear that Clone CD reads it write but writes it wrong.

Sorry, I meant to say Clone CD reads it right. Sorry

All writers have individual differences and vagaries. For those Lite-on users who’ve been able to make working backups of safedisc 2.8x games with clonecd, please understand that you’ve been lucky. Most Lite-on writers cannot do so.

My Ltr-24102b can’t (even when my Ltd-163 is used as the reader) and neither can any of FutureProof’s 3 Lite-on writers.

On the other hand, safedisc 2.8x backups are reliably made with Lite-on writers using either dicjuggler or discdump with fireburner to burn the image.

OK, so what should I do now?

Make an image of the cd with discdump and burn it with fireburner (and remember to enable hide cd media if you want to run the backip from a writer).

Can CDRDAO also do the job, instead of Fireburner? If so, I think I’ll just use BurnAtOnce.

Also the newest news submission says that the next version of Alcohol 120% can do it too now.

Originally posted by CCDKing
Get Discdump and Fireburner, Liteons can’t do Safedisc 2.8xxx with Clone CD.
philamber is right about the vagaries of Lite-Ons. The CloneCD problem + Lite-On seems to be with SD versions AFTER the game Mafia (2.7.x), ie, from The Sims Unleashed and later (2.8.010).

Streamline posted about Total Club Manager 2003 with SafeDisc v2.80.10 … is that .010 or .10? Maybe .10, though later than .010, may have had the prot wound back a notch?

Almost 99% of the titles that gets released or distributed by EA affiliates i.e. Westwood will be using the new incarnation of the Macrovision guys at California SafeDisk 2.8X.

Now as for backing up any title with this protection, The results are not quite as uniform as one might expect.

I attempted to backup a game with a similar copy protection scheme (NFSHP2) and here is what happened.

  • Using the latest version of Clone made an inaccurate image of the original using any Liteon Gear combination specially the DVD LTD-163 and almost their entire range of their burners.

  • Next attempt was to use the LTD-165H as a reader, which is an exceptionally fast and accurate reader, using the latest version of Clone.

  • Once the images from LTD-165H was burned to the CD the CD played back perfectly on the LTD-165. Now there is the catch.

This CD Only plays normally on the LTD-165H and in no other ordinary drive. (Took me a while to figure that out as I have two LTD-165H as a reader.

As LTD-165H is an exceptinally good reader it has been able to read the seemingly IMPERFECT copy of the SD2.8X quite perfectly as the main game .exe had no problem at sector verification at start.

I have personally have tried the DDump and CDRWIN and Nero and CD Mate in a variety of combination in terms of read and write in different units and came up with this conclusion.

Out of all the programs mentioned above ONLY CDMATE was able to give me an accurate image which was able to be played in almost every ordinary CD-ROM. That is true in any combination, whether the image was made from LTD-165H or the CRW-4816A Asus. Although others have reported success with DDump and Nero or CDRWIN.

Some howI have my doubts about Nero or CDRWIN have actually writing the image in a RAW mode as they have claimed they have
atleast in my case, hence provided me with a non working copy
The final result was successful.

Unfortuneatley at the moment Clone is very much disadvantaged as no combination of settings is allowing a perfect image to be made no matter what the gear.

This is in controdiction to my findings originally when I was at the impression that I was able to make a sussessful backup of the SD 2.8X using Clone and LTD-165H or Asus CRW 4816A.

Yup. DiscJuggler + ASUS 48x works for me. Yet to try other combos for lack of time ATM.

Best proggy I’ve tried for burning disdump image of sd 2.8x cds is fireburner. Nero works ok in dao96 mode but the copy is inferior.

Haven’t tried cdrwin as I despise the program but I’m not surprised that results are variable. Actually, I don’t recall any posts of success using cdrwin to burn the discdump image though I may have missed the odd one or two.

As for cdrdao (burnatonce), reports indicate some successes and some failures. It didn’t work for me but has worked for others.

Hi FutureProof

Just to clear things up about what version of SafeDisc it was, the version was 2.80.010.

I read it with my: ( Toshiba 1502 ) and wrote it with my ( Liteon 24x10x40 ).

I used a ( 4x Traxdata RW Disc ) and it ran first time, no problem.
Hope this helps! :smiley:

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Originally posted by philamber
Best proggy I’ve tried for burning disdump image of sd 2.8x cds is fireburner. Nero works ok in dao96 mode but the copy is inferior.
Nero doesnt work for me. I use DiscDump to create image using my Plex 40x and burn with my Lite-On 16102B and nero fails to produce a working backup. On the other hand Fireburner does produce a working backup from the very same image as used with Nero and the same hardware. CD Mate also works too.

Yes, there is a something…

Use DiskDump (DDump 1.10) and Fireburner 2.7x

or wait for next CloneCD Version…