Problems with faulty 716s



I am a fan of Plextor (or rather have been) and bought a 716A. Today the second device in 60 days died. The first one stopped burning with an error message and did not recognize any other DVD or CD-ROM afterward. Today it burned a -RW, ejected it after finishing the burning process and did not recognize any DVD thereafter. In the first few minutes after I noticed it, the 716A still worked with CD-ROMs. About 15 minutes later it went completely dead. Now it does not accept any CD-ROM or DVD. After seeking a few seconds the LED is signaling something like blink blink pause blink blink pause blink blink … (Auto adjustment failed - I think).

Since I bought both devices at Amazon, I hope they are going to refund me once again. Well, I gave Plextor one last chance and ordered a new 716. But my question is: Could I have done anything that triggered these defects? I mean I have just put the 716 in my PC, connected all cables, flashed the newest firmware and used the burner. I always use a single -RW from TDK (for backups).



Maybe the disc is causing it. I think you should try a different disc on the new drive just to be safe.


Yeah, good point. I definitely going to do this. Because two bad devices in a row cannot be a coincidence.



could be media, could be your hardware (overclocked?), could be a shitty power supply…


I am going to try another -RW when I get my new drive (got a “no return” RMA from Plextor yesterday). My system is an old Athlon XP 1600+ and has never been overclocked in any way. And the power supply is a brand name device with 450 W, which should be more than enough power.



good luck with your newest drive then…


hi franzfranz

The model is drossy. I have use many others dvdrw device nec HP etc. This Px -716 is really drossy. Yesterday i had not any problem with tdks dvds and today ggggggggggggg

It 's the 3 RMA drive.