Problems with external memup kobalt dual usb2.0

I’ve got a problem with the firmware gave by the web site of memup.
I’ve got the message : “It’s only for DRW1004IM” and it’s just what I HAVE ???
Something wrong ?
Thanks for answers.

the 043 firmware (windows version) did not work on my 1004 I put into an generic external USB 2.0 enclosure, it only works when connected to IDE, K’s probe also hangs when 1004 was connected to external USB 2.0

How could i flash my meump kobalt dual usb2.0 ?
I’m as Sister Ann , I’m waiting for the answers of memup web site yet an yet …
Thanks for helping me.

Why don’t you simply remove the BTC from its USB enclosure, connect it to an IDE, flash, and reinsert it? BTC’s flasher is an IDE flasher, not a USB flasher.