Problems with external hard drive

i have recently bought a plug and play hard drive, but i cannot put any data on it as i get the error message:

“Cannot find specified file”

My computer is FAT32 and the HDD is NFTS, does this make a difference?
I can put some single files on it, but when i try to delete them i get the same error message, whats happening?

When you plugged in the HD, did you go into Administrative Tools/Computer Management, and format and/or partition the HD. If not, you must do this before using a new HD

I have tried to format the drive but i get the message, “The Format Did Not Complete Successfully”. I tried rebooting and then the drive is not under computer management anymore

could the problem be the BIOS? i havent updated it since i bought the computer, so should i flash it?

First it has to be correctly recognized into the BIOS, then in Windows and then you have to format it.

How big is the hdd? Came it with an special driver?

it is 120gb it did come with a driver but its plug and play, and the manual said no driver is required.

how can i make sure that its recognised by the BIOS?

also… now the hard drive doesnt show up on disc management, although it does show up in explorer

i have just moved my drive to the onboard USB and at the moment it seems to be working, as it has deleted something as is currently transferring some data to it. The only problem is that this is USB 1, so how could i transfer using USB 2 as (it seems) my USB 2 card doesnt work with the HD

Search for USB2 driver updates.

have searched for driver updates on the device manager, is there a compatibility issue then? if so is there any way i can fix it?

would buying a new USB 2 card work or even switching which slot the card is in work?

You could try with a new card, but if the chipset on the enclosure is the troublemaker, it would not help much.

wow thats odd. the only way this can work is if you bios can detect it so put it at auto and see if it detects. if not then you can try the usb 2 card and if that doesn’t work return it for a new one cause it might be damaged?

just my thoughts kthx!

now im getting the error message on windows when i try to copy and paste data to it

“The request could not be performed because of an I/O error”

this is on the USB2 Card, works fine on USB1, but its sooo slooow :frowning:

would switching the slot where the card is in make it work with this

or even buying a new one? nothing else seems to be working, i have taken everything else out of the usb2 card slots with just the HD in and still doesnt work

Check the drive doesn’t need two USB ports to draw enough power.
If you have bought a hard-drive that you fitted in an external enclosure, make sure the drive is set to “master”.

seems to be working fine on USB1 so im guessing it doesnt need 2 drives

it wasnt a HD in an external enclosure, just bought a normal external HD

i had exactly the same problem… it only started after downloading the latest usb updates from the windows update page…

after rolling back the drivers the harddrive works fine again on usb 2 :iagree: