Problems with error checking software

I have just recently started transferring files from my hard drive to dvd-r for the first time. I used dvdinfopro for a while to error check, but I kept getting “random” CRC errors when there was no problem also when I checked files to see if they were identical, the program would crash and occasionally after a crash, I my entire computer would freeze if I tried to open up the file from disc.

I then tried using nero cd-dvd speed and used the file test and surface scan under the scan disc option. This program also ocassionally found errors but the stranger thing is, when it found false positives, I reran it and it got COMPLETELY different results, albeit with errors.

I’m guessing that my DvD rewriter is not very compatable with other programs.

I use Nero burning rom and my dvd rewriter is the Nec nd-3520a

Can anyone help me please? I would really like to be able reliably check for errors.

Yep the NECs generally are not actually the best error checking readers available. If you really wanna check for errors in a more reliable way you should use a liteon or benq dvd recorder and kProbe or Nero CD DVD Speed respectively.

Oh… bugger.

Thanks for the info!