Problems with erasing DVD RW



Hi guys,

I need some help. My dvd writer has started playing up recently. Im trying to burn files on to a used DVD RW and up until two weeks ago it has been fine. As of late though, I’m having somet trouble erasing/formatting the discs.

When I erase the disc using Right-Click, format CD RW (or something like that), I get a message saying the disc has been successfully erased however when I explore the drive the files are still intact and available. [The writer is still able to read and access the files on the DVD drive]

Erasing using Nero 8 has not been of much help either. I have put two DVD+RWs in, and when it tells me taht the disc is not empty and it will erase the contents if I carry on, it starts up the burning process and after 1% an error comes up saying Write error and ejects the disc tray.

Having put DVD-RWs in (never had trouble using both formats before), unlike having the write error message, I just keep getting the message that tells me the disc is not empty and it will be erased if I carry on. After the elapsed time has passed, I keep getting the same message again saying its not empty andit will be erased if I carry on and the cycle jsut keeps going.

I dont have any blank DVD RWs anymore so I dont know whether it is just a formatting problem. However, I did try to put a DVD R disc in and that went to 3% and then just crashed that I had to reboot the computer because the disc was just spinning inside the tray and I couldnt get it out.

Deos anyone have any idea of what the problem could be?


Hi, I am having problems to with erasing dvd-rw discs. They were erasing and re-recording ok and then they decided to stop. I tried a couple that had only been used once and they erased fine. The ones that have been used 6/7 times or maybe a bit more are now not recognised. I have read various things about software in things like nero and other burning software can effect it so I uninstalled all my burning programmes but still no joy. Strange it recognises some but not the others. They are all tdk dvd-rw discs. Any ideas anybody.:sad: