Problems with Eragon

I just made three successful backups of eragon with anydvd and clonedvd the problem is when the backup completes its only in spanish and you cant change it it the menus. I removed nothing or changed any settings, any thoughts or fixes?

Look at the audio streams.

english , spanish and french are selected. are you sugesting removing french and spanish? and the origional works in all 3 languages

How about your player’s audio selections?

in the picture above
select the language audio and subtitle you want to keep and deselect the others

I backed this up using dvd next copy with the machinist plugin and with anydvd so it has to be something you’re doing or a conflict on your PC.

This movie can be backed up with DVD Shrink alone. You might want to try that.

Yes shrink did the trick, must be something with dvdclone because nothing else has changed. Thanks for all your help.

I used CloneDVD2 without problems, so it must have been your selections… :slight_smile:

Hopefully with AnyDVD in the background to remove CSS etc. :cool:

One should never leave home without it> :bigsmile: