Problems with Epson R300

I’ve got the Epson R300 and mainly use it just to print on DVD’s. I’ve probably printed a couple hundred so far. From the start the CD printing tray has been a pain. I have to baby it and watch the print heads as they move across and give a slight push on the tray when the printer starts to pull it in. It can’t do this by itself, it will lockup in a jam. Also if I don’t watch the tray when it comes out and pull it out, it will not eject all the way and the printer jams. After a jam I need to turn off the printer and reboot my PC to get back to working. It’s hard to sit there and wait for every DVD to print. Any suggestions?

Two problems that have come up recently are that the tray needs more than a push to go in. I have to push it past some sort of sticking point when it is first loading. I’m concerned that I might break something, but that hasn’t happened so far.
New problem today: I’m getting a magenta smear on one section of the DVD (top left). I can see that this mark is created when the DVD does it’s first pass through the printer (before the actual printing). I’m guessing there is ink on a roller or something??? Is there a procedure for cleaning the rollers etc. inside this printer? I’ve tried head cleaning, but that didn’t help.

Is it still under warranty?? What has Epson said about this??

For the ink on the roller, just feed through a few bits of paper without printing and it should lift the ink off the roller.

As to the CD tray there is not much you can do. You could try and get a new one from somewhere, but the sticking problem is a design flaw as the tray can’t handle a lot of prints without becoming bent and this jams the printer.

It is worth complaining to Epson cos you never know you might get someone in a good mood.

It also helps to know what country you are in.

What I’ve found is the clear plastic edge at the front of the tray gets slightly bent down on the left corner (facing the printer as you would when loading). You can carefully bend it up enough to straighten it out, then when you load the tray take care to put slight downward pressure until you get past the rollers.
If you do this every time you shouldn’t have any problems - it has worked for me on over a hundred discs.

BTW, do you use genuine Epson inks and what media do you use?

Hope that helps!