Problems with end of movies on Pioneer 108 burns

Hello everyone,

Im having a problem with my burns on pioneer 108. Towards the end of the movies I am getting skipping problems on my dvd players. If i use a scene selection towards the end of the movies, the player on my computer, and on a regular dvd player freezes completely.

Anyone have this happen? Same problems on both +rw’s and rw’s. Could it be related to the variable speed burning? Like on the start of burn its slower then speeds up writing speeds towards the end?


r we assuming ur a advanced user?
did u use good media?
what proggie did u use to burn?
how did u encode this movie?
did u remove layer breaks?
did u play the VOB files on ur pc to c if there r problems at the same point of where ur getting the freezes?

I am having the exact same proplem with my 108. I am using DVD Decrypter to burn, and have tried numerous disc brands. I normally used Prodisc with my 107 without any problems, and am getting skipping with the 108. I then switched to Ritek and am getting the same results. Have tried em on my JVC, Toshiba and Electrohome players and all with the same results, skipping at the end. Burn all of them at 4x. I am narrowing it down to being the 108 itself causing the problem and it looks like I will be replacing it soon if this is the case.

It is crap media in the first place, also the player hardware has some influences in the playback results…

To be of any help, we need more information. To start with, the media id of the discs that you are using would be good. If you have a drive which can perform the “disc quality test” in CDSpeed, that would also be very helpful. If not, just run the “transfer rate test” in any drive which is not riplocked and post the results.

I dont have any such problems with my A08. I use TDK -R media

I have the same problem with my 108 at first i was using some maxdata disks which i found to be crap so i switched to TDK-r (TTGO2) which are one of the recomended brands to be used with the 108 by pioneer but still having the same problem.
Every movie burnt does the same thing
Using dvd shrink with nero 6.3

here are the results of quality check in cdspeed

General Information
Firmware: 9S19
Disc: DVD-R
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 832
Average: 397.52
Total: 5925878
PI failures
Maximum: 42
Average: 6.68
Total: 219274
PO failures: n/a
Jitter: n/a
Scanning statistics
Number of samples: 110659
Average scanning interval: 1.22 ECC
Glitches removed: 31

Some standalones are also crappy readers, never forget.

this is what i’d assume a bad burn, check the media forum for learning more on interpreting pie & pif…

btw. i see you’ve used a liteon for scanning. just a suggestion, use @4x reading speed (maybe kprobe instead too) and check if it’s similar, if so try another media.

general notes:
so far TYG01, MCC01RG20 have brought perfect results for me, maybe give those a try

Well, can’t blame it on the media. Took the same spindles of Prodisc and Ritek upstairs to the TDK404 burner. Disc played perfectly in the same three standalones when burned on that burner. I am now replacing the 108 with an LG-4613B. I am fed up with this burner.

i’m burning elcheapo 4x media at 12x with nils firmware in my 108 and my disks play ok in anything…i’ve had trouble with my burns using a lite on 832 doing exactly what you descibe…skipping towards the end of the dvd.I never did find out exactly why…but the same liteon 832 made perfect disks once i upgraded my cpu,mb and memory from a intel 845pe chipset to a intel 865pe.So it had to be something in how fast the data was transfered.

Well, I may have jumped on the burner a little too quickly. Get the same results with the LG. I am leaning towards a power supply problem now. I do have a lot of stuff slammed into the computer, and the 350w power supply might be getting overtaxed.

Well, thank you LiMPiNg108 for your honesty… if you would not post the last post here some of us thought Pio can be a bad unit and LG a better choice.

i get bad pi/po results with TTG02 at anything over 6x - i don’t like this media on the 108, seems like you are in the same boat.

Try some G05 or CMC MAG AE1 should be good to 12x.