Problems with ECDC Basic 5.3.5 and LiteOn LDW-401S

I recently purchased a Lite-On LDW-401S DVD+RW (Firmware: ES0G, Color: Black). I use Roxio Easy CD Creator Basic 5.3.5 as my software, it came with my old CD-RW drive. Anyway, in the CD Copier utility under recording speeds it only allows 4x, even though the CD-RW Media I am using is rated at 10x. Easy CD Creator allows me to use 10x when burning CD’s with the same exact media. Could the Smart-Burn technology be interfering with my available speeds or is it a software problem?

Thanks in advance! Roxio charges $35 per phone call for technical support, they dont even have eMail!



Maybe your version of Easy CD Creator Basic does not support high speed CD-RW media? How about going to Roxio’s website and download the latest update. The latest update for Easy CD Creator Basic 5.3.5 is