Problems with DVR-106D




I’ve got a strange problem, when I wanted to backup one of my movies.

I have a toshiba DVD-rom MD1712 (1.) and a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-106D (2.)

with 1. I can read copied dvd’s, but all of a sudden 2. doesn’t.
with 2. I can read original dvd’s, but all of a sudden 1. doesn’t.

  1. Seems to burn the discs just right, but it will not read them.
    The name of the device on My Computer changes from DVD-RW station into CD-rom station.

Hope anyone knows what this weird problem could be?
Tnx (oh, my primair and secundair IDE controllers are set on DMA)


This is only a “visual or cosmetic” change and has nothing to do with the drive capabilities.