Problems with DVDs burned with px708a

Hello all,
From 3 days I’m testing 708a and results are at least strange.
I can burn everything - however some cheapest media are rejected. But after burning some DVDs - I can’t play them in standalone player. I have Apex1500 and Philips724 - both of them are rejecting +RW burned at 4x. DVDs burned at x2 have probs also - freezes, very slow start, unable to play after switching chapter. I used tested media for last tests - TDK and Verbatim, both recommended by Plextor.

I like the drive itself - very nice-looking, quite and fast, but I will have to throw it away, for now I lost maybe 10 dvds, none of them is playing without problems.

Firmware is 1.04, OS WinXP SP1, Nero supplied with drive, ASPI - latest. Video was created mostly using Edius, converted via hw encoder, then authored using Encore DVD or DVD Workshop 2.0.

BTW: Plextor support is “thinking” from 3 days, Im beggining to daubt in their famous support.

Any suggestions will be very appreciated, Im close to put this 708 after the window.

Thanks all,

Problem is your using +RW’s Apex doesnt like any +R/RW, probably your Phillips doesnt either, Newest best Apex player is the 2600 plays most everything except divx and what i love most, raw burned svcd/vcd on iso-dvd.
Try another brand of media rewrites have no use for me…just burn and play if it doesnt work throw it away…this thought of burning over and over on 1 disc is useless to me

“Would not work on Memorax DVD+RW 4x 4.7GB”
go here and read the reviews on your players wont work /will work.

Problem is - I tryied also DVD-RW from TDK, Verbatim and Emtec - none of them are playable, if recorder x4. The only one which played OK was very old Verbatim DVD-RW recorded at x1 speed. DVD-R’s from Verbatim, certified up to 2x also don’t want to play properly, they freezes every few minutes. Playback on PC is of course OK. BTW: A friend of mine burned for me TDK+RW at 4x on Pioneer, and this one is playing fine on Philips. I just don’t know - all of this may suggest hardware burner failure or maybe I should start digging my PC config?