Problems with Dvdrom and burner



After I installed copy to dvd 3.0.48 my drives will not recognize dvd /rw’s but WILL dvd-r or+rs .
I also have INCD ,that also does not work. Drives and INCD worked prior to installing copy to dvd.I have no problem with copy to dvd that works great. Is this maybe a patin-couffin driver problem ?Has anyone had a problem like this and how should I solve it.


O.K I got Everything to work. I disabled INCD in services,rebooted then started it back up. Everything works.I have no idea what happened. :slight_smile:


Well,back to problems again. Now it seems i’m having problems burning movies.
The writer will stop about 3/4 way through and give a media error.
1 out of 4 will not burn.All same discs.Bought 100 of them :confused:

3/21/2005 7:34:36 PM error Write error at 1028320 (16) - Code 05 30 05 [Illegal request, Cannot write medium, Incompatible format]
3/21/2005 7:27:38 PM info Lead-in burning time (mS) 11609
3/21/2005 7:27:25 PM info Starting write buffer
3/21/2005 7:27:25 PM info Starting to write…
3/21/2005 7:27:25 PM info Buffer under-run proof enabled
3/21/2005 7:27:25 PM info Init success: DVD-R SAO
3/21/2005 7:27:25 PM info Writing speed requested x4.0, effective x4.0es ------------------------- and so on

I think INCD has its finger in this somehow. Any suggestions?


.48 was unstable and unofficial. please update to the .49 and include the full log lines , not only few of them