Problems with DVDR3330H: no recording to +RW

I bought a DVDR3330H. The 3rd time it did a timer recording, it just displayed “WAIT” after finishing. After turning it off and on again, it just displayed “STARTING”.
I did a reset and initial setup again, but that did not help.
The store provided me with a new one. It will not let me write to DVD’s (Philips RW+).
It does not display the version info in features.
If I make a firmware upgrade, should I include the folder that contains the unzipped files?

Before trying a firmware upgrade (for which you don’t need the folder, just the files), what brand and speed of +RW discs are you using?

Also please could you confirm that you are not trying to make a recording directly from TV to disc; you have to do it to the hard drive first, then copy to the DVD disc. This is a design limitation for some hard drive based recorders, and which sometimes overlooked by new users