Problems with DVDInfoPro / KProbe2



I’ve just downloaded DVDInfoPro V3.00.

I have a new HP machine with TS-H552B with T08 firmware
Window XP SP2

Everything works ok except PI/PIF.
Whenever I select the icon, an hour glass appears, and I can sit there for over an hour.

I try to close the probgram down, get a responce that the program is not responding, I attempt to kill the process with no success. The only way is to shut down my machine.

Even though I have a non Lite-on machine, I’ve downloaded Kprobe2 and have a similar problem with PI/PIF test. The various posts I’ve seen indicate that other people with TS-H552B writer can run Kprobe.

Any ideas?


Don’t know the answer sorry but I moved your thread out of the DVD Media Tests forum to here. The Media Test forum is only for posting results with various media types, not for questions such as this one :wink:


Try switching from ASPI to SPTI in Kprobe.
Does it work now?


Switched to SPTI, still have lock up on Kprobe 2.42. Tried upgrading to 2.43, cannot upgrade via Kprobe. Downloaded Nero Speed Disk 3.8, can run Disk Quality Test.

Machine is HP a810n, Athlon 64 3300+, Samsung TS-H552B, 512 memory, Window XP SP2.

Any other ideas?


Does your rig have an nVidia chipset? A lot of people have reported serious problems with the nVidia IDE-drivers. If you have these installed, try using the original Microsoft drivers.