Problems With Dvdfab

Great for the update however, as you all know on the ipod classic,

at a movie for 16:9 would = 640X 352 pixels,

however on dvdfab version it gives you option of 640X342 instead which is different

at a movioe for 4:3 would = 640 x 480 or 320 x 240
again does not give 640 x 480 at all and gives 320 x 230 or something similar

reverting back to version which is slightly older, has all the correct pixels and resolutions

therefore there needs to b an update ont his new one!

Hi matty69er2k6,

Since new version of DVDFab will “crop” the black bar on top and bottom of video, so the resolution is changed.

If you still want full resolution output, you can turn off “crop” for now.

If the future versions, we will provide options in “Advanced Resolution Settings” to let customer choose.

Best Regards,