Problems with DVD43

I am recording to network storage all my DVDs and CDs. I bought DVDFab to import the DVD files (works fine) and additionally bought CSS+Region free to import my DVD collection which includes many different region codes. This also works fine, but when I try to play or import audio CDs as soon as the drawer closes I occasionally get a fatal error (causing the PC to reboot automatically) which Windows error reporting says is caused by DVD43.sys.

Can I disable or remove DVD43 with loosing the region free part of the application? I think I only need the region free functionality of CSS+Region free since I understand DVDFab also removes CSS protection.

Alternatively is there a work around I can use. I am running XP Pro on a Dell Dim4400 with Sony DRU820A and a Lire-on Combo SOHC 5236V.

Hi grahamabrwon and welcome to cdfreaks,

Fab will do it all (also remove region code) so as to make the disc region-free.
You do not need to use CSS+Region free at all. In fact, using both applications will likely cause conflict. You will need to uninstall or disable the app entirely and not simply exit in the taskbar…it will attempt to run in the background.
Initially, I had disabled it in msconfig > startup without issue. I have since reformatted my system and did not choose to install. You’ll never miss it…just keep your regkey in case.

Hope this helps.

DVD43 causes conflicts with DVDFab I would get rid of DVD43 also DVDFab does not work with CD’s

I understand I don’t need CSS+Region free when I am recording to HD; Fab is doing that fine. But I still would like to be able to play DVDs and I need the region free part of CSS+RegionFree to do that don’t I?

Do you have a DVD player ? If not try VLC Media Player (its) free also if you want to keep DVD-43 you have to set it up so that it doesn’t start on boot up or else remember to close it before starting DVDFAB. Also you don’t need CSS/Region Free to play DVD’s on your computer, like I said you need a DVD Media Player

Thanks for this. Are you saying the players also ignore region coding? I have a mixture of regions in my collection, so being able to play multi region is important.

I thought about disabling DVD43 except when playing non region 1 disks, but how do you do that?

To play them on the fly, yes you will need that or hacked firmware for one of your DVD drives that allows resetting the region change counter or disables it. If you only have a small number of out-of-region discs that you play once in a while, you could just process them with DVDFab to a HDD folder and do as Jimbo suggested and play them with VLC. If they represent a sizable part of your collection that may not be a good option for you.

Thanks. Is there a way to disable DVD43 without removing it? I will look at the hacked firmware option, but I am fearful of wrecking my optical drives.