Problems with DVD2one, or DVD Decryptor or Nero or my Sony?

Greetings to All Fellow Members!

Just a quicky I hope! Movie Jungle Book 2 (Region 1)
I use a Scsi Toshiba SD-M1401 firmware 1010(Region Free) to Rip and a Pioneer DVR-105 firmware 1.33 (Original) to Burn.
Ripped all from VIDEO_TS in file mode with DVD Decrypter
Ran all through in Full Movie Mode with DVD2One 1.21 Keeping all audio channels, then play the files from my harddrive with PowerDVD 5 and everything works A OK!
The problem now is getting the all the extra’s to play properly on my Sony 735 Standalone DVD Player!

I have tried to burn Movie in every conceivable way in Nero, the film plays fine every time, but not all of the extra’s work correctly, ie song videos and trailers

I also have this problem with Dracula 2 : Ascension (Region 1)
Could this been a re-accurance of a DVD2one and Sony problem mentioned some months ago? or Nero or DVD Decrypter?
By the way I forgot to mention my Sony 735 was chipped by Techtronics (Cool Guys) (But that should not affect Play) and yes I always quality DVD-R/RW’s

Your feedback is most welcome at Quarks:bigsmile:

i had a problem with jungle book 2 also. my sony 300 disc changer didnt like it. but my daughters older 200 disc changer played it fine,go figure.

Originally posted by jwo62
i had a problem with jungle book 2 also. my sony 300 disc changer didnt like it. but my daughters older 200 disc changer played it fine,go figure.

Is this the only time your Sony mega has been ‘fussy’ with a copy? I assume you have an 875P (and I’m interested as I’m waiting the 985V-release…).
What did you burn with? Usual media and such?
I really hope the Sony’s don’t have big ‘issues’–a 400-disk changer is starting to sound really good lately!

I am suspecting Nero as the cause of the problem … they proved again and again that their software does NOT deliver 100% dvd-video compliant disks. Most players don’t have issues with that, but some do. Did you already try burning with CopytoDVD?


Second that…I really like C2DVD. Simple/perfect/compliant.
Nero has been a pain since day one (shudders as recalling ver. 2/3 and Roxio and other incompatibilities).
Ahead is a professional outfit, but the forums are jammed with ‘issues’ eventually attributed to NBR…
‘All Problems Lead To Rom’ (NeroBurningRom–that is).

Thanks Erwin,

I will give CopytoDVD a try and let you know the outcome, but until I came across these 2 films (Jungle Book 2 and Dracula 2)Nero has not failed me, but I suppose there’s always the first time!
In the mean time can any more Sony users let me know if they have had problems


I have the sony dvp-cx860 300+1 disc changer. i burn usually with nero ver.,i also have prassi. i always use memorex media. i always use 4200 as a target size,whatever program i use.

this is not the only time it hasnt played a disc that my 200 disc changer plays ok. it’s VERY touchy,even super light finger prints are a real problem. if a dvd-rw has an ultra fine scratch or scuff the movie will frezze and/or pixelate. i am not sure about what brand my next disc changer will be,i am very disapointed with the 300+1. but i am totaly addicted to having a mega disc changer,i cant imagine have to get up to put a dvd in. the older 200 disc changer played better and seems mechanicaly more solid. bigger is not always better.

i dont think dvd2one is at fault here in any way.

Hi Erwin,

I have tried CopytoDVD a few times now, and the result is still the same as it is with Nero, which is the movie plays fine everytime and not all the extra’s work, ie music videos and trailers

Has anyone else tried Disney’s Jungle Book 2 (Region 1) and Dracula 2 (Region 1) in full disk mode and checked to see if all the extra’s work in their standalone dvd player, let me know guys, if so I will then know if my Sony 735 is at fault or not