Problems with DVD Skipping when played on DVD Player

Hi All,

I’m trying to backup my DVD collection and am having some trouble when trying to play the DVD’s on my home DVD player (a Panasonic RP62).

I’ve been using DVD Decrypter for the decryption and then have used DVD Shrink before burning with Nero 7. The DVD’s work fine in my computer and my roommates computer, however when played on the DVD player, every 10 minutes or so there tend to be a bunch of random small skips, and sometimes a blackout of the screen and a freeze for about 2 seconds. The skips aren’t fixed to any specific part of the movie (i.e. playing the movie again will have new sets of skips in different places, and previously skipped parts will look fine.) The only tendency I’ve noticed is that you get a couple good minutes without skips right at the beginning. (However, it’s not a heat issue, as factory DVD’s work fine all the way through)

I have also tried not shrinking the DVDs and either burning directly with Nero, or using Nero recode to burn an unshrunk version of the movie only, neither have solved the problem.

I’m thinking it could be a bad media problem, I’m using Memorex DVD-R 16x but have only been burning at 2x. Is it worth trying to buy higher quality media, or is there another thing I should try before investing $30 or so in that.

Thanks for your help,


Use Verbatim only. If you’re burning to dual layer, use Verbatim [B]+R[/B] DL only.

I’m having the exact same problems, but I am using Verbatim +R DL burnt @ 2.4x on Pioneer burner & played back on Pioneer DVD. So frustrating.

What are you using to burn the DVD? Only use ImgBurn for burning DL discs. Check out this guide for more info.

Aha, thanks linx05, I was burning with Nero, but have also discovered others talking about ditching Nero when burning DL copies & using ImgBurn. I will follow your guide & redo my DL backups, thanks again. :slight_smile:

Yeah, ImgBurn is the way to go with burning DVDs especially DL discs. You won’t be disappointed!