Problems with DVD shrink



When creating a backup from a dual layer dvd to a single layer dvd, the process runs fine but playback often locks up and is pixelated. What can I do to eliminate this problem?


Playback after you’ve burned it to DVD and the problem is on a standalone DVD player would indicate a very bad burn, likely caused by poor DVD media.

So what media, what burner & what burn speed did you use.


Verbatim DVD+R 8x, Sony Dual RW @ 8x


Damn, nothing wrong there then.

I think you are able to do a Disc Quality scan on the Sony with Nero’s CD-DVD Speed so try at 4x and post the details back here. That should give us useful info.

If this OK then it could just be that you’ve a very picky player.


I have noticed that making sure that the read disc is clean has made all the difference in my burns. After I backup a movie I play it on fast forward at 30x speed and if it stops anywhere I know that there is a problem. I backed up one of my daughters movies and it stopped part way through and there was definite pixilation. I cleaned the disc and started over and it was fine.


Is that their name or description?