Problems with dvd shrink

can any one tell me what the problems is when dvd gives an error report saying
dvd shrink :sad: encounters an error and can’t continue
failed to read “D”"
DATA ERROR (cyclic redundancy check)
the program was working fine i have tryed about 6 diffrant movies and every time the same problem
i have recently done a registry fix on my laptop will that affect it???

It’s either a scratched/dirty disc, or possibly copy protection that Shrink can’t deal with (in which case, I recommend CloneDVD2, with AnyDVD running - both available as 21 day free trials from



i tryed copying it with 1click and it copied but not with shrink and im the one that made that copy fomr the original but when i want to make another copy ???
do you think it real could be the disc