Problems with dvd shrink 3.1 and nero 7: discs stall during play

as im a new member may i say hello to all,ladies and gents :slight_smile:
right i have a problem with my burning on my pc,ive been using dvd shrink 3.1 to do all my copying along with nero 7 and they have been copying fine until about 4 weeks ago when they started to go pee-tong!!
i can copy one and it can be fine but then i can copy another and say its a 1 hour film it will copy ok then when i play it after on the dvd it will freeze up at around the 55 mins mark.
i have plenty of space on my hardrive
any suggestions please thanks…

Try using high quality discs, such as Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.

i use the same disks which are datawrite titanium 8x dvd-r

These are not quality media.

What burner/firmware do you have? And what speed you burned these discs?

Can you post the mediacode of these discs? You can find mediacode and also info on firmware with cd-dvd speed.

my burner is a NEC dvd +RW ND-353 QA
burning at 8x
how do i get the mediacode…thanks

With cd-dvd speed, you can download here, see the pic as example.

Don’t worry: it’s free and don’t require installation

hi im sorry im still lost i still dont know what to do,im not very good at this…thank you.

To retrieve mediacode, insert a disc in your burner, and then select the “disc info” tab. After that, read what is mediacode and post here.

In the pic, for example, mediacode is PHILIPS 041

do i need to download anything to get this disc info thanks

In my previous post I wrote the link to download cd-dvd speed. Once you have it, unzip in a folder you want, run it and insert a disc in the burner (the disc that give you playback problems). Then post here media ID.

If I’m not wrong, your problem is due to a low quality media. Datawrite is the brand, but the real disc type can be determined with the mediacode, aka the info I highligh in the previous pic.

i think ive got it now the code is TTG02

So these are low quality media.

The solution for your problem is to use better media. Try a verbatim or a genuine taiyo yuden.

You can do also another test. Try to burn one of these discs @4x instead of 8x: maybe you can obtain a better burn.

Anyway, these media have a low durability in time, so i suggest anyway to get better media.

hi they have worked previous what about these ones RITEKG05, THANK YOU.

Youre welcome :slight_smile:

Ritek media have the same problem. They give decent-to-good results immediately after the burn, but they will become unreadable after few time. Some lost their data after 6 months.

Can you find some verbatim?

hi ive been getting my discs fron or they have some taiyo yuden but im not sure if they are the genuine ones…

ukdvdr have verbatim dvd-r in stock what do you reccomend thanks

I think that [B]Arachne[/B] can answer to this better than me :iagree:

hi is this a member,

Yes, I already send a message to her, so she will answer soon :iagree:

hey thanks i really appreciate all your help,i wish i could so something in exchange…

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

If I’m not wrong these taiyo should be genuine. I have a question: sorry but I’m not very good with NEC burner. What speed max can burn your drive? Is it a 16x burner?

I ask because if you have an 8x burner, you should buy only 8x media; 8x burner give not good results with 16x media because firmwares can’t support correctly these them.