Problems with dvd-rw

is there a program to convert dvd-rw to ipod have tried all the usual ones like[ul]
[/li][li]dvdfab platinum
the list is endless i have a standalone recordable dvd player which is a dvd-r i have finalised the disks my hard drive does not recognise them i can burn them to another disk using nero 7 but can not find anyway to put them on harddrive to then convert to mpeg4 for ipod etc surely i dont have to copy to a dvd+rw disk using nero then use another to convert and save to harddrive please please please can someone help to either confirm my worst fears or give me help!!!

Your standalone is probably using a format called “DVD-VR”. If not it has the usual DVD-video structure.
The dif is that the video files estension in a DVD is .VOB (under folder Video_TS) and the DVD-VR are .VRO.
You need a software that can import these files and (re)encode as mpeg4 as you want, or that transforms them to Mpeg2 for editing and allowing (re)authoring to the ipod compatible format.
Magix, Pinnacle and Ulead are examples of software producers for PC, for Mac you have to look
have a look for info at

thank you will have a try now

have tried doing this but i cant figure out how to save it as a mpeg4 i am doing something wrong or am i just stupid its driving me crazy

you can not “save as mpeg4”, as this is a video format that you can get only if you have the appropriate encoder (codec) and a package that allows you to use it, like the authoring and some editing software.
Exploring the link I gave you, you will find refs and descriptions of software that can doit and even guides to do it.
Also - if you make a search with Google askind it for “mpeg4 encoding” it will return a lot of links, you have to have some work finding the tool that suits your needs.
You can searh also for the ipod, try
You have QuickTime that’s from the same maker as your iPod and certainly will do that, but it is not free (also not that expensive if you decide to buy it).