Problems with DVD-RW media


I’m currently using TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-W162Z with Nero v7.11.10.0.
I’m having problem with most of my DVD-RW media (Mitsubishi, TDK, Verbatim, Sony & Imation) where it can’t be read/access on my drive after 3-5 times full erase. (blinking light)
I come to a conclusion that Nero didn’t format my DVD-RW before burning but I’m not so sure whether it’s true or not.
I never have problem with DVD+RW media though cos Nero’s log did show that the formatting of DVD+RW in the initial burning…

Bump… Anyone ?


see if you can erase these discs using ImgBurn. Perhaps you need to try another drive to do so (maybe there is a friend who can help).

Additionally, I’d stick with the +RW variant. For me, these are more convenient than the -RW discs.


The disc seems to be unreadable after I do two consecutive full-erase.
Does anyone encounter this kind of problem before ?