Problems with dvd+rw discs on 716a

I have a big problem with my px716a and dvd+rw disc.The drive cant burn dvd+rw discs anymore.after one minute from the burn sessions, i get the message “burn failed on these disc”
i tried verbatim,tdk and ricoh dvd+rw, but always the same problem.
the drive has no probs with dvd-rw discs!

I tried nero and

i really need help, because my stand alone recorder only accept dvd+rw.

Can you burn the +RW disk on your other burner (nec)?

yes!the nec burn these disc with good results

What is your firmware version? 1.06 was supposed to fix RW problems introduced in 1.05. Update to 1.06

i used the 1.05 and the 1.06.Both Firms have the same probs.

Try doing a full erase before you burn.

yes.i also make a fullerase before the burn started.
Same problem.Nero said that the disc is full ans must be erased

I also found burn quality consistently degrades using Optodisc 4x DVD-RW media with firmware 1.06, even after a full erase. The same media burns much better to begin with on a BenQ DW1620 with firmware B7V9, and does not progressively degrade. It appears Plextor has a few more RW media problems to tweak in future firmwares.

I just burned a Nero data disc with a Ricoh W11 (Maxell 4x +RW) disc and the quality was fine, although the PIF errors are about 50% higher than with most other burners I have tested this media with including the BenQ DW1620, LG 4163B, and Pioneer DVR-109. Jitter is slightly worse than all of them as well.

i mailed to plextor support for help.they said that the drive is defective and i get a new one!Very strange because the drive has no problems to burn dvd-rw .

yeah!i must destroy the defect drive myself when the new drive arrived.

So plextor will send you a replacement and you don’t need to send the defective one? Are you in the US? :wink:

yes.thats right!thats my second one!i am in the EU.
thats the Service from plextor europe.they send you a new drive and you must destroy your defect one.

What is the procedure so that they can verify yours is defective? Do they guide you through the phone?

I can see that you’re very happy now. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

the procedure is via send your problem and they answer.if they cant solve the problem, you get the rma number.
im very happy about this service.i get my new drive with the post.Until the new drive comes, i can burn dvd+r and cdr with the defective drive.