Problems with DVD rip - volume/subtitles

I recently ripped a dvd into Xvid using Gordian Knot, the problem is that the volum is significantly lower than the original and is there anway for me to add selectable subtitles to the already ripped Xvids without have the idx/sub files?


ummm…is there a way to delete your own post in this forum? because i posted twice by accident…

I have similar problems, but also different. i download two dvd rips but for some reason the volume of the voices are significantly lower than the outer volumes …and this can get very annoying when you have exceedingly loud volumes and voices which cant be heard b/c of it. the first movie that this happen to was hero, i actually downoaoded it about a year ago but came back to it to find the volume was now screwy, the other is school of rock…school of rock is xvid/ac3. I have messed with the equalizer much it helps alittle but still very frustrating b/c it doesnt fix the problem, and i have the combined community codec pack downloaded i have more for viewing of anime and such, which plays fine(ogm i think). i have uninstalled the cccp once to see if it was in that, but it didnt help. its strange b/c i didnt have the problem before, then one day its there. i was thinking somehow i turned on a setting with a shortcut key, b/c i never usually messed with the defaults if not needed. so help is much appreciated :stuck_out_tongue: