Problems with DVD Rebuilder Pro and Procoder 3

So, I am big on backing up my DVDs. I generally convert DVD9 to DVD5. After a long period of research, I had found that DVDRebuilder Pro and Procoder 3 have been my favorite combo (since I can’t get CCE to work at all on my comp). I have been very, very pleased with the quality of the results I’ve been getting. I’ve made a few dozen backups using this combination without any problems whatsoever.

Until recently. Suddenly, one day, I tried backing up a DVD, doing the same method I had done numerous times, but instead of it going normally, I get this message when Procoder 3 starts up:

One or multiple sources from the project file could not be loaded.

Okay. Well, I thought it might have been that particular DVD, or the way I decrypted it (DVD Decrypter). So I loaded another DVD, and used a different method of decrypting it (DVD Fab), and low and behold, I get the same message.

What is going on? I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what happened. Everything had worked perfectly until now. I don’t want to switch to using DVD shrink or cloneDVD2, simply because I’m not a fan of the quality produced. Is this a problem with DVD Rebuilder or is it a problem with Procoder 3? I would very much appreciate it if someone could lend some advice as to how to go about solving the problem.


I would doubt that it’s a DVD-RB problem as this software is very reliable but since it’s not clear what’s wrong here I’d suggest using the HC encoder instead and see if that makes any difference.

You may even prefer it’s output. :slight_smile:

If that doesn’t work remove and reinstall everything then try again.


I guess I forgot to mention that, but I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing the software and the same problem occurs.

Also, I’m not even sure why CCE doesn’t work on my comp. I’ve heard the quality from that is equally as great. So HC, I’m assuming, produces pretty top notch quality? When I convert a DVD9 to DVD5, I like to retain most of the stuff on the disc (i.e. audio commentaries, and other special features). I tend to remove DTS audio and stuff to help preserve the image.

Another thing, kind of related yet kind of unrelated, that I’d like to ask is what’s the lowest percentage of compression that you tend to notice quality loss in? Most of my compressions are around 70-80%, and I haven’t noticed any loss of quality there.

Sorry to sound like such a noob, but I’m trying out different alternate methods, since I can’t seem to pinpoint what the problem is. I don’t see why suddenly Procoder 3 isn’t reading the projects, which I’m assuming is the problem.

HC is debatably the best but is in any case very highly regarded, so the quality is excellent.

I use CCE myself but only because of my now somewhat antiquated hardware (HC is slower than CCE on single core systems).

Even if you’re not using HC for the encode I’d highly recommend selecting the option to use it for bitrate redistribution.