Problems with DVD Rebuilder and CCE

I’m having issues with 2 movies, K-19 Widowmaker and Day After Tomorrow. I have made about 7-8 backups that work perfectly. But these two movies stutter. The video and the audio both. These are the steps I go through.

  1. Copy DVD to HDD using DVD Decryptor
  2. Remove extras and menus with DVD Shrink
  3. Shrink the movie down using DVD Rebuilder with CCE
  4. Burn the DVD using Nero Express

K-probe scans and Nero DVD speed graphs are good so I don’t think it has anything to do with hardware and burning.

I even tried redoing the entire thing with one of the DVDs and it still would get the stuttering. As soon as I used DVD Shrink to compress the movie it will play fine without the stuttering.

Anybody have any suggestions?

There are many problems introduced by pre-processing the dvd before using ReBuilder. This is very well documented at doom9 forum. Just for the hell of it, run the extracted dvd through RB without any pre-processing with Shrink. If the stuttering disappears, then there is your problem.

I’ll run it through Rebuilder while I am at school.

I was reading a post you made in the New version of rebuilder thread and saw you use DVD2SVCD to remove extras and compress the movie if there are a lot of extras. Does this program use CCE as well? The movie I’m trying to backup has 2GB of extras and the actually film is only 6GB. Maybe I will give this a try later tonight.

Yes DVD2SVCD uses CCE (or others as well) and does movie only. I have found running the DVD through Shrink BUT in Re-Authoring mode and with NO compression with main movie only dragged across, then run through RB has worked for me 100% of the time so far. The re-authoring mode with no compression just ripps out the movie & audio you selected and creates a new set of IFO files rather than modify the exiting ones.

The 6gb movie with 2gb of extras is exactly the dvd’s I dont use RB for, unless its reathored via Shrink first. I find this a bit quicker and simpler than using DVD2SVCD so tend to do it that way now generally.

Every time so far that I have ran a movie through recode in shrink with no compression the movie would encode fine but the final size was undersized. I also have another issue regarding the irritating error #0003 on a movie ripped with latest dvddecrypter in file mode. I’m at work so I will have to get back to you on the details about my setup if you would like to see them

That is exactly what I was doing with shrink. Using re-author mode to take the movie only with no compression. Then run it through RB. But when I try to play the movie in any of my DVD players it gets the stuttering.

I used DVD2SVCD last night and I get no stuttering. But it still doesn’t seem as good as RB. I have only watched 12 minutes of the movie and it has messed up 3 times. When I say messed up I mean a ton of little squares show up and move around. The movies that I compressed with RB sometimes have this happen once or twice during the entire movie.

I usually remove some of the begining and the credits from the movie using shrink. So its not the entire main movie. Maybe if I didn’t remove the credits with shrink it will work.

Well if I don’t change the main movie at all with shrink it works fine with RB. I don’t know why it effects these 2 movies and not the other 7-8 that I backed up.

Removing some of the front or end credits really doesnt help much in achieving better quality conversions when your using CCE for the encoding. Maybe true if using Shrink or similar but with RB, dont bother and as you have found the more you pre-process, the more problems it creates.