Problems with dvd-r using nec 3540a

Alright I just burnt my first movie on this drive, and I used a TDK dvd-r. It plays perfectly fine on the nec drive but when I tried to play it in my panasonic dvp642/17 drive it stutters… I have never had this before. I had an old nec 2500a that broke and I burnt a lot of TDK dvd-r and had no problems with it. I am not sure why this nec 3540a is making the movie stutter or am I doing something wrong? If your wondering I used Dee’s firmware for the nec3540a and herries firmware on 2500a.

Anyone suggestiosn would be great help :slight_smile:


Can you show us a Nero CD-DVD Speed quality scan of the disc?

See this thread re attaching scans:

Don’t know if this is any help. I just went thru similar thing with my 3540a. I was using Memorex 16x -r and it burned fine and I can play with DVD play in the laptop but not my regular DVD player at all. I had to slow the burn speed to 8X for it to work at my player. What is the speed of you TDK -r?

My TDK are 4x DVD-R the ones you buy at costco, and I did burn at 8x and 4x, and it was the same. Should I go lower? or get dvd+r media? would that make a difference?

TDK DVD-R 4x here is my scan. Anything unusual?

I just bought memorex 16x dvd+r CMC MAG M01 and I created a data disc.
I am new to the whole speed testing but take a look.

Guys - I bought the DVD-R 8x media from Costco and my NEC 3540A does not recognize the media. The same media burns fine on a different brand DVD burner. Any insight to troubleshoot would be helpfu. Thanks.