Problems with dvd-r recording


I have 2 DVd players (unknown brands) that always had supported -R format.

I always use -R format

I used to burn my DVD on the PC and never had an issue with the players.

Now i have bought a DVd recorder brand: LG DR 275 (Supports +R -R recording/reading formats).

I have tried to do my first DVD - R video and everything seems perfect and easy. I played the just burned DVD on the LG recorder and its perfect… bUT :confused:

When i tried to play the DVD - R in my other 2 players (that always has supported -R formats) the video pauses 2 seconds, every 30 second or so…

Plays well, then pause for 2 seconds, continues playing, pause 2 seconds (freezze image) and continue playing, and pausing… and so on

WHY??? I tried again with the same DVd-R in a Sony DVd player and didnt have any problem. On the LG recorder and on the Sony player Seems to be ok… but no in my 2 players (and they always had supported well +R / -R formats)

Should i try to record on the Lg with +R??? Would that problem of image pausing be solved??


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What brand is the problem disc?

LG burners (for PC) tend to like quality media, perhaps your LG DVD recorder is the same.

i have tried with Verbatim and MediaRange DVD,s brands… both happened the same thing