Problems with DVD menu audio, its not working!

Nero Newbie here, tried finding someone else with this issue but no luck. When I am setting up DVD menus and want music to play while on the menu it never seems to play after burning the DVD. Whats up with that. Here is a screenshot:

What puzzles me is that No Audio File message, can’t seem to delete it either…hmmmm. Can someone please point me in the right direction on what type of audio format and the proceedure to do this. Thanks

I don’t use this feature, but just looking at the screen shot, it looks like ‘no audio file’ is just an option that I would not expect to be deleteable. You already have an audio file in the box, I expect you’d just have to select it to get it to play. To add an audio file, click on the button in blue in your screenshot and select one…it’s quite intuitive, just play with it a bit.

I added that file and no matter what I do, the short clip will not burn to the DVD menu, I’ve selected it and burned the disc still a no go, the strange thing is you can’t even delete the clip. Well I keep trying different things maybe I’ll get it to work yet.

highlight the band of brothers audio clip. Does the audio play during the preview? What kind of audio file are you using?