Problems with DVD LTD-163

Hi, my LTD-163 doesn’t reed some CDs. The led blinks and my system hungs up. I need to reboot to extract the CD (the buttons don’t work)

The firmware is VGH4S. Do you think that I can solve anything upgrading it?



Well, finally I upgraded the firmware to GH5N, but the DVD doesn’t work :frowning:

Any idea? :confused:


Are these audio cd’s? If so, do you know if they are protected audio? The liteon ltd-163 can’t handle key2audio and cds200 protection.

The system may also hang if the DVD slows down while trying to read the CDs - especially when a few bytes of data is corrupted.

Windows will wait for the read operation to be complete before you can do anything else - that’s why the system appears to hang.


Excellent explanation, Burnproof. Or should I call you ‘Professor Burnproof’ from now on? :bigsmile:


Is that a backhanded compliment? Or are we being sarcastic? :slight_smile:

:bigsmile: hehehe… I’ll let you decide :cool:


It doesn’t really matter whether you’re being sarcastic. But to do justice to your moderator role, you’d need to seriously think about whether your answer is trivial in the extreme.

Too, I usually post based on my own experience. So if someone feels it’s funny, it can’t be helped.

For the record, I’ve faced similar situations that Bliz described. I burnt some Imation CDs on a Samsung burner. My LG DVD had a tough time trying to read some of the CDs. The system appeared to hang for a long time (about 8 minutes actually) before I was able to use it again.

During that period, the only thing that worked was the Reset button :slight_smile:

My Liteons (16x and 32x–>48x burners) can read the CD without the system “hanging”, though.