Problems with DVD Fab Platinum and Region Codes

This is my first post. Thanks for listening. I recently bought "Dr Who, The Movie from the UK (Region 2/4). I live in the US (Region 1). I copied the movie with DVD Fab. Platinum. No problems. However, here’s the strange part. It will play in my computer, but not in the dvd player hooked up to my TV. It will also play on my portable DVD player. It plays in every other computer I’ve tried it on.
Weirder still, I lent it to a friend who has two regular dvd players hooked up to TVs. On one, it played, but in black and white. On the other, it played in color but jumped like a bad VHS tape. I’ve tried it three times and with the same results. Am I missing something or is it possible that it’s just not going to work. I know it’s not the media as they have worked fine for other things I have copied.

Hi :slight_smile:

It’s possible that it’s a DVD+R recognition issue. Have you burnt it to DVD+R or DVD-R? In what burner?

That, or a poor quality burn that can be read correctly only in excellent readers, and badly or not at all in picky readers.

What media exactly have you used, burnt at what speed in what burner?

Search NTSC/PAL-It will give you some insight to the problems.
A player that will play both NTSC and PAL is a good option.

I missed the B/W part. :doh:
Obviously a NTSC/PAL issue. :iagree:

DVDFAB Platinum removes the region codes, it could be the media you used and it also could be the DVD player as some are very picky at what disk they will play such as the -R’s or +R’s, BTW there is a DVDFAB Forum on here :slight_smile:

Yup, this sure sounds like a NTSC/PAL issue as tgidday and Francksoy said.
Take a look here.

NTSC <—> PAL capable players can be had pretty cheap. A friend of mine bought a cyberhome brand for under $60 US. Says it works just fine.
Your pc is able to play both formats as a function of the software player such as VLC, Powerdvd, etc.

Hi All,

Thanks for responding so quickly. The burner is an HPDVD1040. I’ve used two different media, a DVD-R and a dual Layer, both of which worked (or not) the same. So, if I’m understanding correctly, if it’s a NTSC/PAL issue then there is nothing I can do about it, short of buying another player.

Converting PAL to NTSC is the long hard way to go-as mentioned a dual format player is way easier.