Problems with DVD Fab and 'Split disc' function

howdy yall hope someone can help. i have latst version dvdfab plat and split was working fine, but now just the first disk burn, then it goes to “verify dvd started” and thats it. it completes 3 of 5 in task there is nothing for disk 2. i hope i have been clear, it only sets up for one disk insterad of two. :confused: tks

Maybe Mike or one of the other Mod Squad :cop: will transfer this to the DVDFab section,…BTW not very good tittle for the thread always post something about the problem for the tittle…will get more replies

Done :slight_smile:

sorry you are having trouble, you are the third member to report similar trouble, just tonight. sure this will get fixed soon. :iagree:

please follow the other links for help. please post here for further questions.