Problems with DVD (DW1620) burners. Possible Windows errors?

I had a BenQ for about a year now, and it worked great throughout. Now whenever I try to burn a DVD it just stops at 1,2,3% or somewhere in that range. It’s a BenQ DW1620, I have updated and downgraded my firmware. I am using the ToyoYuden from NCIX. But the BenQ burns CDs just fine. Then I thought the drive might have been damaged so I bought an external LG writer. It’s an GSA-H10N. It still does the same thing. Now I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with both drives.

I’m using it in the following computer:
Motherboard: KV8-MAX3
Windows XP SP2
Nero 7 (latest one)

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What are you trying to burn?

Make sure you have latest mobo’s updates (chipset/USB2 drivers). Try also with other media and burning software.

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