Problems with DVD drive Uj-811

Wonder if anybody can help…I have a Matshita uj-811 dvd-ram

When I boot up my laptop its started telling me that the DVD drive is ATAPI incompatible at to press F1 to continue…and then there is no drive available on boot up…

it did it once before last week but then was fine when i rebooted

This time it happened after I removed the drive while the computer was still on (dont ask why…) and when i put it back and rebooted the problem started. The drive will still spin if I put a disk in and the light comes on but its not recognised.

I have tried reintalling it through windows but no success…also checked all the bios setings and seems normal, whether its set to primary slace secondary master or whatever its the same problem…

Any ideas as im struggling?

Hm is this an internal laptop drive?

If so, remove power and battery from the laptop - remove drive, check that the contacts seems ok (no dust etc) - insert it - put battery and power back and then boot. That helped me once.

If it do still not work I’m afraid it may be defective as the BIOS is telling that it’s ATAPI compatible.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my request.

In fact it was so long ago that I have in the meantime got rid of the drive and laptop and moved on.

However I cant help but notice that you posted the same thing to six differnt threads…are you a matsushita employee, because to be honest providing a link to a so-called support phone number is a joke. Matsushita/panasonic want nothing to do with supporting their products. I rang and emailed them several times and they gave me no help whatsoever. Telling me to ‘refer to my notebook manufacturer’ is all well and good but what if they have gone bust, as was the case with me.

Furthermore, it is clear from my investigations that some of the problems with the uj-811 were not notebook specific, but down to crap design, and I think Panasonic know this. There are mentions all over the web of how the drive fails to write at more than 8x, how it produces crap disks, how it stops working. Also, ever tried to flash the firmware…its impossible because they encrypt it to stop people fixing the problems they cant be bothered to.

These problems arent something to do with my laptop, or even all laptops from one company, these are to do with Panasonic/Matsushita and you can guarantee they want nothing to do with you if you have these problems.

All in all the drive is a piece of crap and I would never buy any laptop with a panasonic drive again on the basis of my experience with it. I suggest you do the same.