Problems with DVD Decrypter & Pioneer 107D

I get a Device I/O whenever I try to write a DVD image file (*.img) to my 107D. However, I don’t have any problems using NERO. I used to be able to burn using DVD Decrypter but for some reason it stopped working. I’m using DVD Decrypter v3.2.2.0 and Pioneer 107D with the offical 1.16 firmware. I was using firmware 1.13 when it used to work but then I got a Device I/O error message so I then patched it to 1.16 but I still get the same error message. I also tried uninstalling DVD Decrypter and re-installing it again but still get the same error message.

Can someone please help.

are you using a rewritable? I got that error once with dvd decrypter while it was trying to ‘format’ a new rewritable disc

Yes I am using a rewriteble. Is it only with rewritables that this had happened to you? I did get the same error message once when I tried to burn to a Ritek DVD-R 4x. I’m afraid of creating another coaster so I haven’t tried to burn to a DVD-R again.

yes it only happened to me with a rewritable. I don’t know what causes it. I would just use nero in your case, and maybe report the problem to dvd decrypter.