Problems with DVD burner

I just bought my Benq OEM DVD burner and installed it. It is recognized as DVD DD 2X16X4X16. I am using Nero and the stated burning speed is 16X. When I tried to burn DVDs on it, it took me 2 hours to burn and verify a DVD, while from my experience using my brother’s burner, it takes 30min.

  1. What is the reason for the discrepancy in timing? Any way to improve the speed?
  2. The 2 DVDs that I burned showed errors during verification. The error stated that the files were inaccessible. However, I could play the media file afterwards. Have the files been correctly copied?
  3. I would like to know which model my burner is, it looks like the DW1620 model, but I can’t confirm. If its any use, Nero InfoTool states that the firmware version is G7Z9. Attached is the picture of my model.

  1. What is the purpose of crossing it to a ‘B’ firmware? I read of this procedure in this forum, but the links to dvdpro are dead

Thanks in advance for any help rendered!

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum angtc11. :clap:
The drive you have is a 1620 clone. The advantage of B*** series f/w wider media support/greated options.
Take a look here. Hopefully wiil provide most if not all answers/links.

Hi zebadee
Thanks for your super quick reply =)

Just to check again, would you happen to know the answers to my first 2 questions? Or are they related to the flashing?

Also, to verify some steps
In step 1, I should download the latest version of the series that I want to crossflash to?

A bit confused by the flashing and crossflashing also. In my case, I should flash or crossflash? Also, if I crossflash, I can choose any model to use?

Sorry that your help caused more questions :o

Hi angtc11. :slight_smile:
I hope you don’t get confused by “flashing/crossflashing” terms. In your case it’s about crossflashing because you flash a retail firmware over an generic.
Use WinDWFlash and a .CVT firmware in thread linked by zebadee.

About burntime/speed. Make sure your drive runs in DMA mode.
Also, upgrade your Nero because it’s rather old. Copy/paste (into Notes) the code bellow and name it “ShowSingleRecorderSpeed.reg”, execute, then you’ll be able to see real burning speed in Nero.


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Recorder]

Keep us posted about your progress. :wink:

Thanks! I followed the instructions and both my Primary and Secondary IDE channel are ‘DMA if applicable’ for both device 0 and device 1. However, the current transfer mode are ‘PIO mode’ or ‘Ultra DMA mode 6’ or ‘Not applicable’. Is there anything wrong?

Also, there wasn’t a link for the windxflash in the thread.

I tried doing the show speed code, but it says " Cannot import file. The specified file is not a registry script. You can only import binary registry files from within the registry editor"

First thing first. Don’t bother about reg file right now if it’s not working, (we can take care of that later).

WinDWFlash, zebadee has a link in his signature, okay I’ll repost link here.

DMA. After flash and if it still shows PIO-mode, delete the IDE channel (device manager) your drive i connected to and let windoze install default ones.
BTW, what type of mobo do you have and what OS (Operating System).

Oh, I am sorry, I didn’t see that link. Thanks for providing it.

May I know how do I check which IDE channel is my DVD?

My mobo is MSI 845PE, P4 2.4 and I am running Win XP

Have you flashed drive successfuly?

May I know how do I check which IDE channel is my DVD?
Nero InfoTool will tell you all you need to know about your drive… :wink:
(Also, take your time to read before posting. It’s all posted here many times before, just search.)

Nope, I have not. Ran into a problem when I set my comp to start in safe mode. I can’t log in now because my computer was joined to a domain in school, but I did not remoe it when I moved back home. Any way to make it start in normal mode again? I tried to restart it and chose normal mode, but it still goes back to safe mode.

Sorry for bothering u so much, with problem after problem

Sorry, I managed to get in with an administrator account. Does it matter which user account we use to flash the drive?

No problem… :smiley:

You must have administrative rights to do some of the task we have been talking about.

Edit because new post by TP.
Run the compu as administrator. :wink:

Adding a picie of my setup and Nero InfoTool Config tab.

Thanks for providing the pict. My DVD is also on the secondary channel. Another question before I flash it. The thread by zebadee reccommends using bq flash while you reccommend Windwflash. Which one should I use? My f/w is from the Benq official homepage and is a .exe file. Thus I should use bqflash right?

BQFlasher will also do. :iagree:
But out of old habit I always use WinDWFlash.

The danger with BQFlasher is that you can flash any Philips Nexperia chipset based drive, with ease. And by mistake I once smoked one of my drives. :o
But sure, the same could have happen with WinDWFlash as well…

I have successfully crossflashed my DVD. It is now seen as a Benq 1620 and the IDE channel is now ‘DMA if available’ and ‘Ultra DMA mode 2’. Does this mean that I can burn my DVDs faster than 2 hours each now? What else do I need to do?

Yes you’re able to burn dvds faster than 2 hours now. Your drive is perfect shape now. :slight_smile:

Thanks DVD addict! Especially to pinto2 for all his help for these few hours and zebadee for his useful thread. Very grateful for all these assistance. This forum is marvelous :bigsmile:

Sorry, I am back. The burning is still proceeding quite slowly. Any other things I need to check to improve it? So far, each % takes 30 odd seconds. Is this the usual speed?

Was it establish whether the HD & burner were on the same IDE channel or on separate ones.
Burning will be quite slow if they share the same channel/cable.

Regarding the speed hack you were give. Did you save that with an extension of .reg. If you did then just double click it to add it to the registry. Don’t try an import.

Great you managed to flash your drive. :clap:
Not that great you still have problems.

Tell us more about the compilation you’re burning. What programs used and what steps taken.
Also provide info about your media. Use Nero CD-DVD Speed (Disc Info) for details. :wink: