Problems with DVD Burner on PCI ATA Controller Card



After using all of my onboard ATA ports, I recently moved my Sony DRU700A onto a Promise ATA66 PCI Controller card. Now I can’t burn DVD’s at all (CD’s burn just fine).

Running any Nero Tool give BSOD + forced reboot.
Nero locks up at “Checking Disc” phase of burn, can’t End Process/must Shut Down.
Using (free) CD Burner XP Pro3 or Deep Burner gives “Unknow Error” or “Power Calibration Error”, immediately or at 15% of burn (coasters).

What I’ve tried so far:
Three different burn programs
Three different kinds of DVD media
Every Nero update
Sony firmware VY08
ASPI 4.60 & 4.72
XP Pro SP2 + updates

I used to burn dvds with this burner, before I moved it to the PCI controller card. Is ANYONE able to use their dvd burner on a PCI controller? If so which brand/model please?



I had the same problem with the same controller. Promise confirms this, and says their current controlers only work with some drives. I would keep optical on the motherboard as very few have trouble with a hard drive on the cards. Otherwise it seems to be a crap shoot.


I can confirm what chas0039 said: optical drives on a Promise controller card guarantees nothing but trouble. Connect your hard drives to the card, that’s what it is designed for.


I’m up and working… it took a few hours of troubleshooting, a new controller card, AND eventually a new DVD Burner drive.

Sequence of events:
Got a Silicon Image PCI Controller (0680) $17. Tried the DRU700A - Fixed Nero Info Tool BSOD+Reboot problem, but burning produced coasters at about the 12% mark.

Tried the DRU700A on the MB onboard IDE - Info Tool worked there too, but burning still did not work. Basically during the burn process nero would keep terminating the process because it would think there was no media in the drive!

At this point I’m thinking it’s the DRU700A. So I caught a sale on a DRU720A and tried it. First on the MB onboard IDE - Info Tool worked and burning was flawless. Next back on the Silicon Image PCI Controller - Info Tool worked and even better burning worked flawless!!!

The DRU700A is one month from being out of the one year warranty, so maybe I will send it in for grins.



That’s a detailed, helpful post Hd. Good job! =)