Problems with dvd backup

Hello people. i have been trying to backup dvds for years and i think i should of asked you guys years ago with regards to this problem. When i backup a dvd and try to play it back doesnt matter which drive i put it in or which dvd player i use they always skip and jump and wont play. This has happened for years and years!! I have currently a Tsst/corp TS-H552b on the latest firmware and beleive me when i say i have tried everything and hoping you guys can help. I started in the begining think it was a new dvd rw i need so i bought one. This is the current RW i have i still had the problem of dvds not playing correctly or getting errors while writing. Having changed the dvd rw i thought ok i will try the different makes of media out there, this still didnt resolve my problems and after trying pretty much all of them and stopping at ritek i still have my problem. I then decided ok maybe its the software i tryed everything from alchohol to nero and beyond clone dvd dvd xcopy etc etc etc this didnt resolve my problem. By now my patients were wearing a little thin, so i thought ok xmas is coming and well my machine is dated and needs upgrading. Santa was very generous and i bought myself a gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 motherboard and a AMD 64 x2 4200 chip. This i thought would defo resolve the issue as it was a faster chip able to handle the data transfer better etc. I was wrong. I was thinking that my dvd writer is currently IDE and would a SATA connection possible resolve the problem, i spoke with someone today at a pc fair and was advised this wouldnt resolve however i thought he wasnt really interested in helping. Please guys help me i have ran totally out of ideas and any advise would be greatly received. Thanks in advance Marti :slight_smile:

I would have to assume that the problem is your Samsung burner or your DVD player. I would avoid SATA and stick with IDE as there is no speed difference, and I would get a Pioneer 111. They are cheap at $30 or so. Make sure you have an 80 wire cable as that could also be a problem and stick with Verbatim 16X media burned at 8X.

Thanks for your advise chas. How do i check that its a 80 wire cable?