Problems with DVD after burn

I have tried to backup two of my dvd’s. I am using anydvd and clonedvd. I am able to back them up fine with no errors. However when I play in stand-alone dvd player, it is pixalated in some areas and drags… However in my dvd drive on my PC it plays fine. Is there a setting I can change, or is this a media or dvd player issue? I am using BENQ DVD+R burning at 8X. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Burn at 4X and use better media. 8X DVD+R from Fuji should work. Make sure you see Made in Japan on the case.

If you are not already doing so … remove the menus, trailers and special features and you’ll get a better quality back up. Just use the Clone DVD Title option and you should have better success.