Problems with Dual Layer

Can everyone please help me how to burn dual layer into normal disc dvd 5, I have dvd shrink.alcohol, any dvd,nero,dvd decryptor, thanks in advance

There is only one way: [B]compression[/B]. DVDShrink will do the work. Let’s talk in GB terms. If the DVD you want to copy has more than 4.7 GB (dual layer), it needs compression if you want to transfer it onto a regular DVD 5 (4.7 GB).

If you have Nero 7, one of the applications is Nero Recode, and that is like a DVDShrink twin brother.

AnyDVD, like any other decryptor, will be necessary in the background only if the original DVD or source has copy protection.

Also if you’d like to have the full quality with all the extra stuff you can split into 2 discs.

Yes, but splitting is more complicated, unless you use a software that automatically splits all DVDs bigger tan 4.7 GB into two blank DVDs. The only one I know is DVDXCopy, which is no longer available. With DVDShrink you might have that option, but it is not easy.

Very easy in reauthor mode for example, much easier would be clonedvd with its little cissors cut the chapters you don’t like to have and that’s all. But splitting is personally not my choice.

Here’s a easy tutoriel to split a movie into 2 dvd5’s with shrink … can’t get any easier than this ps it’s for ver 2.3 but same for 3.2 ver …

Thanks a lot guys, I 'll give it a try