Problems with Dual Layer DVDs

Hi all, the problem i have is this…
I recently had a samsung SH-S162A dual layer dvd burner fitted to my pc. It replaced a regular dvd-rom drive. I already had a samsung TS-H542A 4.7g rewriter, fitted and this is the master and the new one is a slave. I have been backing up dvds for a few years with no probs using a combination of shrink, decrypter and nero 6. I decided i wanted to stop compressing some files and burn them complete with titles, xtras etc. I managed to copy 2 films i had using shrink, (I saved the film complete without compression) and then burnt video files with nero. They worked fine on my cheap sony, play anything, stand alone dvd player but was not recognised by my philips recordable multi region dvd player. They also play on my pc. But i have also made several coasters in the process. I tried what i read and ripped with decrypter and then burnt with decrypter…nothing. I downloaded a trial version of 1 click dvd and dvd43 and when i tried that i made another coaster. My question is this…
My new dvd burner is listed on my computer as a dvd ram drive (though it can read/write all formats), could this be the problem?
My recordable dvd player is a couple of years old (downloaded a firmware upgrade but they are notoriously hard to burn and use well, didn’t upgrade), could this be the problem?
The booktype automatically sets to dvd-rom (though i have tried it manually set to dvd+r) and i burn at the lowest possible speed.
I used verbatim d/l discs and when i use any of the above methods with my other burner and 4.7 discs, the films play fine.
I cant find any info on the philips website except to find they prefer maxell or mitsubishi d/l discs, but i presume this is for recording with the unit.
Any help would be appreciated… ch@os

Your only chance is to use the best DL media available: Verbatim.

Thanks for the reply m8, i always use verbatim. I have found a method that works for me but my stand alone dvd recorder is destined for the spare room…lol. I have found out it don’t like them.

Only few standalone recorder support DVD9 (DL) recordable media yet.