Problems with DTS audio on mastered DVD

Hi there, I Am trying to make a “DTS/Dobly Digital” sound demo CD, by ripping favourite clips from some movies, in order that I can use this DVD as a “reference audio” demo CD to use when friends come over and wanna check out my system.

For example, to show off the bass I use the tank scene from “Goldeneye”, to show off the surround capabilities I use the fight scene from “Gladiator”, etc.

Anyways, my problem is this: when I used the program “DVD Decryptor” to rip tracks from some DVD’s, and I burned these tracks to a blank DVD-R using the authoring program, on some of my video clips, there would be no audio present.

Now I know there was audio ripped properly in the “.vob” file, since when I play the ripped “.vob” file off my hard drive using “powerDVD” it tells me that the alternative audio (DTS or DD) is there, so the problem seems to be with my authoring program improperly importing the audio when I am making the DVD-R.

I noticed that all the clips where I ripped a DD5.1 (AC3 6 channel) encoded video clip from worked fine, but I think that none of the clips I ripped that had a DTS 6 channel track did not play with any sound being present. In order to save room on the DVD-R, I chose only to rip the 6 channel DTS tracks first, and a DD5.1 track if available second, but I never ripped any of the 2 channel audio tracks.

**** The questions:

Is DVD Decyptor the best program for ripping video clips? I haven’t had any complaints with it so far, but just wondering…

What program is the best/easiest to use in order to import all the video clips I take onto a DVD-R (For use in a stand-alone DVD player)? I need the following features to work:

a. I need to be able to specify which audio track is to be played back as the default track. I.e. when I rip only a single audio track (by using the program in question 1) I need to be able to specify that that audio track is to be the primary (default) track, since I will often just be ripping the DTS or AC-3 (6 channel) track.
This way, when the video clip is run off a stand alone DVD player, it always plays the default audio track that I want (usually DTS 6 channel audio).

b. I need to be able to link some video clips together as multiple chapters, so that for example, when video clip #1 finishes it will automatically either start playing video clip#2, or go to the DVD menu, depending what I specify.

c. I need a DVD a DVD-authoring program that supports not just 2 channel or 6 AC-3, but DTS audio as well since the program I currently use doesn’t seem to handle DTS encoded .vob files properly.

d. The program needs to intelligently handle .vob or .ifo files or have very good documentation, since I honestly don’t know what to do or how to edit the .ifo file.

Thanks for the help.


You mention many times your Authoing program but not once do you say its name, a bit difficult for anyone to help you.

As for an authoring program to do what you want, I would suggest DVD Maestro. It can do everything you requested and more. Simple to use as well. Check out for help.

Scenarist also supports DTS.


I tried various programs like Sonic DVD it and found out they didn’t support DTS, so ended up using DVD Junior.

My friend has sonic scenarist 2.7, and I see it does support DTS so I could do the work at his house.

**Question 1:
If I could use scenarist or Maestro, what would you recommend? (if I Am importing .vob’s from DVD Decryptor for use in making my DTS/Dolby Digital demo cd from ripped DVD clips).

(keep in mind I am a newbie to DVD creation this BUT I am willing to read the manual and learn).

**Question 2:
Also, for making DVD authoring software for creating regular DVD’s (i.e. from home video or DV video source), what program would you recommend If I could spend up to $1000 US on a program? (ease of use is important but I am willing to read the manual and learn, and I have no photoshop experience).

Thanks for the help both you guys.

  1. Both Scenarist & Maestro only import idividual stream, not vob files. When ripping the contents off the dvd to your HD, you need to demux to individial Video & audio streams. Select the correct Chapter to get the bit you want only.

  2. Maestro is waht I would recomend but a bit more than $1000. Have a look at DVDLab, it does most of what Maestro can do, just has 1 audio and NO subtitles though.
    I have not checked out Adobe Encore yet, could be an alternative.

hmm I didn’t know about demuxing the streams so I would have a seperate audio and video file (some programs imported .vob files so they threw me off).

DVDLab looks pretty interesting in that it seems easy to use, but more flexible then others.

I talked to 4 others friends, and together we can go up to $8000 US on a product. Is there some other program out there that is “the shit” for this price range, that is, it is fairly powerful, but somewhat easy to use at the same time if someone is a begginner so it is somewhat intuitive (again I am willing to read to learn how to use the program, it is just that I don’t want to have to take a seperate course outside the manual to learn how to create a fairly basic DVD).


Sonic Scenarist 3 just came out, It starts from $4,999 to $35,000 depending on the hardware you want with it. Its the “bee’s knee’s” of authoring and used by Hollywood but expect a VERY steap learning curve. Sonic DVD Producer is a more frendlier & less powerful alternative.

Maestro is what I would consider the absolute. Very powerful indead yet you dont have to be a rocket scientist to run it, can be difficult to purchase though. Check out Apple, they own it now.

DVDLab is heading that way but still lots to be included to reach Maestro.

Just checked out Adobe Encore, hmmm… you cant even import Chapters. You need to run it on a monitor of very resolution, on a 1024x768 its just to cluttered and everything on top of everything.

Hope that helps. But really, I would put my money with DVDLab as they will be addressing the 1 audio and no subtitles issue in the future.

Scenarist isnt as hard as people think, its actually very intuitive, and you learn a lot about DVD structure along the way.


I’ll be giving DVD Lab a try since it, although when I get a chance I’ll give my friends scenarist 2.7 a whirl, but for now, I’ll start with dvd lab.

The 1 language, no subtitle thing is not an issue for now, and probably won’t be for quite a while, and by then they might update the program anyways.

thanks a lot for the help chicken man and others, this dvd authoring newbie REALLY appreciates it :slight_smile: