Problems with dnc



i just bought dvdnext copy, downloaded machinist2 and it’s taking over an hour to copy a dvd. Can some one tell me what is going on.
i have a gateway amd truion 64, windows xp, tl-dt-st dve-rw gwa-408dn. burning went really fast, although the time stated it would take 56 min. The backup copy would not play after burning. I did make sure nothing was running while i was trying to copy the movie.


What type of blank media are you using? How much RAM is installed? What burning speed are you using too?


960mb ram , max, and sony dvd-rw. i have the newest version of dnc


Try resetting your DMA first and see if that helps.

This is a little script tool to reset your DMA on all of your drives if you’re ever in doubt. I think it is a lot easier than doing it manually plus for those that are not too familiar with doing this.

Ok all you do is download this to your desktop then when done double click it click OK and it’ll do it’s magic, after that you must reboot your PC for the settings to take effect.

I nor others have had any issues from using this but need to put this small disclaimer up for legal reasons too.

You can use the following VBS script to reset your DMA mode in windows without having to go through the guides.

[B]Be warned that this COULD damage your computer and therefore you use it at your own risk.[/B]

[B][U]DMA Reset Tool[/U][/B]

Despite any warnings click on the [Open] or [Execute] buttons as required to execute the file resetdma.vbs.
If the program found any ATA channel to reset, reboot your computer and test all drives.

If the problem is still not solved, set the offending channel to PIO manually, reboot your computer, set the channel back to DMA, and reboot again."
So use with caution & again I say it’s safer to do this manually via Device Manager.



I will try this.


Thanks for all your help.

I got the copy time down to under 35 min and burn time is less than 30. I am having problems with the rewind and fast forward process when viewing. I get a good picture though. My DVD player is an older sanyo.

I was hoping that the copying and burning process would be faster. Do u know what is a typical time for this process?


15 minutes on a strong machine burning @ max (not recommended). The Fast Forward and Rewind issue is being looked at still and improved in version 3 that is set to be released soon.


Thanks, for the help