Problems with DL DVD burning! please help me!

my bad thought you were talking about another forum altogether :eek:

bump… still nothing… nero doesn’t even let me simulate it…

The first thing I would do is make sure you can play the file(s) using something like Media Player Classic:

If they don’t play, there maybe some issues with the file structure.

If they play OK, I would highly recommend u use imgbrn.


Please post a burn log from some of the attempts with Verbatim +R DLs. Many drives do not have firmware for the newer Verbs (or the Ritek for that matter). See if you can find some of the older Verbatims. They had a purple lable on the spindle and were rated 2.4X “up to 8X”. The newer ones have an orange label and are rated 8X “up to 10X”.