Problems with DL disks on LG LRH-780

I recently recorded the World Cup final game on my LG LRH-780 HDD recorder and am having great difficulty dubbing the recording to disc. On the hard drive the file is 3 hours 25 minutes long, and should fit onto a DL disc at SP mode. However, when i try to dub the game i get an error at 59%, and the disc is toast. I’ve tried both RiData and Memorex DL discs with the same result. I have also tried the “fast” option and regular real time dubbing, once again failure. My theory is that the error is occurring at the layer change of the disc. I am at my wit’s end, and would appreciate any suggestions on how to get this game onto a DL disc without any problems. The recorder has DL burning capability and i have succeeded in burning other games at the same quality with the Memorex DL discs, but have failed repeatedly with the final and semi-final games.

Also i have tried to burn to two separate 4.7 gig discs but cannot join the files together on my computer without losing playability of the file. Suggestions on this problem would also be appreciated.