Problems with DL and NEC 3500




I have this problem that I was not able to solve. I have a 3500AG, with the 2F9 firmware, becouse I have some Ritek D01 DL to use. My problem is that on the stand alone dvd player, at a certain moment the movie hangs. To start again, I have to jump to the following chapter. As this happens only once, my opinion is that I have problems passing from a layer to the other. What ca I do? The burn process, performed also with different software, is always done successfully (and the verify too).

I have no more ideas…

Thanks for your help!!


You should avoid Ritek DL Media. This Media is really crappy. IMO the NEC3500 only works good with Verbatim DL Media.


CRAP media. Try Verbatim. Two AVOID posts!


I’ve backed up two DL dvds both Verbatim and have had no trouble on my DVD players except one that is over six years old.
My FW is Liggy And Dee ND-3500 Modified Firmware V2.TB RC2


My guess is this media fails at the layer break.
Try burning DL media with DVDDecrypter, this seems to burn the media better.
I’d go along with what the rest are saying though. Buy Verbatim DL media and this will solve the problem.